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PR for startups

Startup PR function is about creating emotional resonance around product, team, and approach to drive interest, attention, and demand.

Pitch begins with a problem explanation, then it comes to a solution and how it will improve the customers` life and make it easier, and the last, but not the least, story about why this team will have success in building this product.

PR opportunities for a starup


Right PR leverage your recruiting, because you are not noname and if people want to more about company, they can do it. It helps build pipeline and inbound requests of candidates so you can gather people and build team much quicker and heaper.

So you can focus on improving candidate experience, onboarding and employer brand management.

The second is fundraising

Beeing hot and buzzy topic helps startups get investors and people attention before acquaintance, so, when it comes to presentation, they suddenly “have heard something” about you and are more involved to learn more about your company and proposal.

Partnership and network

It`s a gold mining for viral growth, partnerships with B2B abd SaaS companies expands number of people who knows you and can become your customer, collaboraiter, ambassador or adviser and vise-versa from your side.

Difficulties of launching PR for sturtups

When it comes to distribution your news and messages to audience, we understand that decision dependsof reporters, whose inboxes are overflowing with mails about stuff that actually nobody wants to read. Typical business approaches does network there, except money for publication, your press-release or editorial shoul match with media`saudience expectations and interests.
Especially when you try get it for free.

In SEO teams there`s special position “Outreach manager” - person who is responsible to reach, communicate and negotiate about posting for project to get highquality links.
If you can get mention or link easy, it means low quality of such asset.
So in PR you have to deal with the fickle interests of a journalist and their publication and their readers and so you're gonna have to be cooperative.

How to start PR for a startup?


Start with the audience defining what these people pay attention to, and what is and isn't newsworthy for them. So, you can clearly define the media and topics you`ll pitch to reporters and editors.
It helps create stories suitable for your audience and fit media interests, so you`ll get more responses and publications.
There is too much noise and empty news so you can't be guaranteed to get coverage just because you have a new product update or you raised a little bit of money, or you've got some new hire.
Keep in mind who is your audience are and what segments you are trying reach and involve with certain piece of content.

Placement - where your audience get information and how they consume content

After you have understood who are your target people, you need to research where and how these people seek solutions for problems you solve with your product.

Which media, sites, social platform, forums do they use? Ho they talk about it?
Who are opinion leaders for these topics and why?
Narrow list of sites and broad list of topics helps in building a relationship with editors and journalists long term and that often means providing value to that reporter rather than just coming in and pitching right away you want to give them help with other things.

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