Why we do what we do?

Our monkey tribe is intelligent, knows where to place loyalties and how to honor the group and we’re moody. Each client who chooses to be a part of our troop unequivocally stays a member for life. CRAZY THOUGHTS’ permanent habitat is located in HYDERABAD, INDIA. We give you not just Digital Marketing services; we give you a piece of our heart and our soul. Think of us as your Rafiki from the movie Lion King (the source of our inspiration to be our ambassador), Simba wouldn’t have reached his destiny without him, likewise, we help you fulfill your business branding destiny and cater to your digital marketing complaints and compliments with a touch of playful monkey craziness.

An idea is what matters and since we have established that we are monkeys (intelligent, smart, and evolutionary forefathers of mankind) we know exactly what the jungle fire of digital marketing is all about and how to create a path for your safe travels through the jungle.

Our troop has but one rule- tribe above pride.

We are a tribe of elegant, joyous, and sharp monkeys who are crazy about our work. Digital Marketing has given each one of us the ability to connect to equally crazy, passionate, but crazy fellas (humans are social animals too you see) and made us realize the value of a pack (the reason why we chose to be wild and free monkeys and not hooman executives with fitted suits on their body and colorful ties around their necks). You want a rocket launch for your business website, you want to create a brand, you want some awesome ideas for content and lead generation and conversion or simply want us to maintain your business’s Digital Marketing, the word for us is ‘code monkey’ because we give you solutions that stands out from the rest.

We believe that even if your project with us has reached its glorious destiny, you will remain a valued member of our troop and we sure do take pride in displaying our work and our partnership to the world (check out our Lobby section and look for yourself).

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